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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Intelligent Design again....

From BuzzFlash. Debate over evolution shuts down IMAX film.

There are two arguments by I.D. ers that are particularly annoying. Proponents insist that evolution is a 'theory,' and not 'law,' like the 'Law of Gravity.'

I'm pretty happy with scientific theory. The 'Germ Theory of Disease' (not Germ Law) is probably the single most important development in the history of humankind. Think of a life without antiseptics or antibiotics. I shudder. I am comforted that flight engineers relied upon their studies of 'Wing Theory and Propeller Theory, (not Laws) when I make sure my seat back and tray table are in their upright and locked positions before takeoff. We take "Electron Theory" for granted every we throw a switch. The Designers are just quibbling over semantics. No point in going there.

More irritating is their disingenuous argument that I.D. supporters don't attribute creation to any particular 'god.' Sure, they would accept a middle school text book that asserts that Mother Nature put us all here.

By CONOR BERRYSTAFF WRITERWOODS HOLE - It seemed innocuous enough: a 40-minute movie about underwater volcanoes that briefly mentions life on Earth may have arisen from the sea.

But the 2003 IMAX film ''Volcanoes of the Deep Sea,'' whose producer consulted with scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and used its Alvin submersible to film the underwater volcanoes, has been banned by some theater owners and managers in the Bible Belt because it briefly mentions the theory of evolution.

The controversy, coupled with a nascent effort to include teaching ''intelligent design'' alongside evolution in public school curricula, has helped thrust the long-running battle between religion and science back into the limelight.

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