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Friday, July 01, 2005

Letter to newspaper about Downing Street Memo

I sent this letter to my local paper today. It has reported very little about the DSM. I tried to convey a sense of open mindedness, but I wanted to write IMPEACH THIS LYING BASTARD!!

If you have not watched the film, please do. It will make you sick. Again.

Dear Editor:

Please watch the following short film, found at and then visit the website

It is vitally important that your readers, whether or not they support the war in Iraq, learn about the existence of the DSM. Information about them abounds in the independent media, but the mainstream press has been slow to report these critical documents. Our President may have lied to the American people and Congress about the reasons for war with Iraq. We deserve the truth. Thousands of American troops and innocent Iraqi civilians have died or suffered horrific injuries in a war that is being fought in our names. The President has refused to answer questions about these Memos that have been asked of him by over 560,000 citizens and 122 members of Congress. Efforts are underway in the House of Representatives to initiate a formal Resolution of Inquiry into actions by this administration that led to what may have been an illegal war of aggression. Please help us build a base of support for this Resolution. If the President acted lawfully, he has every reason to address these questions. If he did not, he must be held accountable for his actions.


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