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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Spritual Activism

Van Jones: Spiritual Activism: The Religious Left Fights Back – On All Fronts
By Van Jones, courtesy of Huffington Post

Here are some snips:

'Rabbi Michael Lerner is stirring up trouble again – thank God. Lerner wants to help forge to a new alliance – of “religious, secular and spiritual-but-not-religious progressives.” This alliance will someday expose and challenge the cancer of American consumerism. And it will oppose the Religious Right’s abuse of scripture to promote war, intolerance and ugly corporate agendas.'

'Somewhere, in all of these stirrings, I see the seeds of a wisdom-based, Earth-honoring, pro-democracy movement – one that affirms and applauds religious and spiritual impulses, while opposing fundamentalism, chauvinism and theocracy. Over time, that kind of progressive movement has the potential to win – and win big – in the United States. To be honest: it is probably the ONLY type of progressive movement that stands a chance in a country as religious as ours.

Such a movement is within reach. But progressives must abandon the old pattern of reducing the Great Faiths to their worst elements, constituents and crimes – and then dismissing all other facts and features. It is not just stupid political strategy. At a moral level, it is a form of blindness and bigotry that is beneath us all.

My prayer is that a critical mass of progressives can agree on two basic premises. Number one: any progressive approach to “faith in politics” that ignores the awful CRIMES of religiously-inspired people is dishonest, inauthentic and can never achieve emancipatory ends.
Number two: at the same time, any approach that fails to honor and embrace the POSITIVE contributions of religiously inspired people is also wrong-headed – foolishly and needlessly shutting progressives off from our own history, proud achievements and present sources of vital support. '


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