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Friday, July 01, 2005

Tulsa residents protest a proposed Creationist display next to Evolutionary Timeline at local zoo

A letter to the editor of Tulsa World newspaper. Good, calm statement, but the Wingnuts are still probably up in arms........

There is much confusion about displaying creation stories beside a scientific evolution time line at the zoo. And this is what protesters want to avoid. Making clear distinctions between religion and science is necessary for a productive discussion.

Science is a search for knowledge for its own sake. Scientists observe phenomena and processes in nature and construct theories to explain how things work. Scientific theories are constantly being refined as scientists be come aware of new facts.

Evolution is such a theory. Science is unaffected by the possible existence or nonexistence of a Creator God. There is absolutely no reason that acceptance of the theory of evolution should be a barrier to believing in a Creator God.

Creationism or the intelligent design theory is a different way of looking at the world and does not fit the strict definition of scientific theory. Creationism begins with the belief in a Creator God. The scientist asks, how does all this work, what causes this effect? Science is concerned with function. Religion seeks the elusive First Cause and is concerned with purpose and meaning.

Protesters believe putting creation stories beside a scientific evolution time line confuses
the distinction between religion and science. Thousands of creation stories from various cultures and religions exist, including a variety of beliefs regarding the truth and meaning of the creation stories found in the Christian Bible. Therefore, the protesters believe there is no fair way to present the immense variety of religious perspectives. They want to keep evolutionary science at the zoo and the promotion of creationism or intelligent design in homes and houses of worship.


Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

These nutcases aren't going to win anyone over to their side. It's completely insane and it's crazy that we even have to think about this stuff... fairy tales vs science. What a world, eh?

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