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Friday, July 29, 2005


Match Made in Hell

Match Made in Heaven

We know about the first combination: Nasty.

The second, however, is heavenly.
Corn and Rosemary were designed for each other before the worlds were formed.

Try this: (measurements are approximate)
Fresh, sweet corn, lots (about 1 ear per person if that person is controlled. I am not.)
Rosemary, snipped off the plant on the front porch (you know how much you like)
Vidalia Onion (again, use your own discretion, or lack thereof - this is an exercise in self-indulgence)
Butter (enough said)

Heat the butter in a large skillet.
Add chopped onions and saute until they begin to be translucent.
Toss in some chopped Rosemary. Gods, that smells good! Saute a bit more.
Add the fresh corn, sliced from the cob.
Saute a bit more, add freshly ground sea salt and pepper.

It is a feast. I love the summer. Life is truly good, and I am thankful for it. Mmmmmm......I'm off to the farmers' market early tomorrow morning........see you there,



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