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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Haves and Gimme Mores meet with Abramoff

Courtesy of TRUTH CAUCUS

'Truth Caucus has obtained an exclusive photograph of indicted former CRNC National Chairman Jack Abramoff meeting with the group in 2004. CRNC power players Eric Hoplin and Michael Krueger (to Mr. Abramoff’s immediate left) gaze in awe as if they’re in the presence of Al Capone or John Gotti. Well…'


Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

This asshole is worse than Capone or Gotti.

I hope this brings the house down on Tom Delay.

4:19 AM  
Blogger SheaNC said...

They've been showing the godfather movies a lot lately... maybe they're trying to make this stuff look more normal?

11:47 PM  
Blogger via said...

Well, guys, I think the tide is turning and A HARD RAIN IS GONNA FALL!

11:49 PM  

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