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Sunday, August 21, 2005

An intense evening at "The Sandstorm"

posted by Joe in DC on AMERICAblog

'Just got back from the premiere of "The Sandstorm: Stories from the Front." It's a play by an Iraq vet, Sean Huze, which tells the story of the war through the voices of soldiers.

One other thing it did to me. I really didn't think I could detest George Bush anymore than I already did. But after today, with him invoking 9/11 again, biking on the "Tour de Crawford" but ignoring Camp Casey, then seeing a raw play about the war, I despise the guy even more.'

This sounds like it should be filmed and distributed widely....


Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

Wow! I hope they do a national tour with it.

3:47 PM  

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