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Monday, August 29, 2005

Kick out their crutches, anywhere and everywhere

from driftglass

"But for those of us who aren’t besotted, inbred monarchists, at some point aren’t we obligated – as Maureen Dowd points out – to begin to notice that the President isn’t just utterly wrong anymore, but has actually lost his fucking mind? That the propeller on his Yale Beanie is spinning counter-clockwise even though he’s in the Northern Hemisphere? That he no longer even exchanges Christmas cards with reality?

And skimming along in the bottom quartile of the electorate – no longer invited even by proxy to the Party at the End of the Republic -- we find the Moderate Republicans, now begin to painfully embrace every truth were calling treason a few, short months ago. Almost pissing themselves in terror that they backed the wrong horse with the rent money, and the nag they bet it all on is not only not coming in Win, Place or Show...but has gone rabid-mad and is hunkered down on the clubhouse turn, smoking crack and kicking its jockey’s organs out onto the track one at a time. "


Blogger SheaNC said...

Well-put and too true. I like to think that I would discontinue support of a candidate who became such a disappointment (to put it mildly). In fact, I did - after Kerry betrayed us by conceading so early, he's on my bad list. I don't know how so many average voters sho support Bush can continue to do so, except that they believe right-wing media rhetoric.

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