This is George Bush’s accountability moment. That’s why I’m here. The mainstream media aren’t holding him accountable. Neither is Congress. So I’m not leaving Crawford until he’s held accountable. - Cindy Sheehan

There are things worth fighting for. And there are even some worth dying for. But Iraq is not one of them. - James Moore

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Truth Gathers in Crawford

Crawford vs. Dallas is Fantasy vs. Reality
The Baltimore Chronicle By Ward Reilly

"It's time to open the door, Mr. President. Our nation is knocking. If you turn Gold Star families and other REAL heroes away, what is that going to tell the "free press," and what is it going to tell all those veterans who have paid the price?"

The only way the truth is going to get out to the man on the street is for us to keep demanding the mainstream media report it. The blogs are the real source of truth, but they are preaching to the converted. We have to get the message across to everyone else, as well. I still have faith that people will listen and act.

Please keep writing to the MSM. Keep pounding away at that wall. Keep reading


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