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Friday, September 02, 2005

And they probably still won't do it....

A TPM Reader checks in ...

I have a question that no one has raised so far. Wouldn’t part of any homeland security preparation be the handling of refugees? Virtually any serious terrorist attack (explosion, nuclear, biological) would entail a large number of displaced persons. Wasn’t anything done along these lines? I would have thought we would have pre-positioned refugee resources (tents, MRE's, water purification, generators, emergency medical care) near major population centers in the event of mass exodus. Am I crazy?


Blogger Boulder Yogi said...

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Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

Good point.
I guess that shows just how much Bush is interested in "homeland security".

The only thing that they are good for is watching what everyone is doing.

PS I see you've been getting hit by spamers alot lately.

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