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Thursday, September 01, 2005

BushCo's actions have consequences

From the Washington Monthly via Huffington Post: 'CHRONOLOGY....Here's a timeline that outlines the fate of both FEMA and flood control projects in New Orleans under the Bush administration. Read it and weep:

2001-Budget Director Mitch Daniels announces the Bush administration's goal of privatizing much of FEMA's work. In May, Allbaugh confirms that FEMA will be downsized: "Many are concerned that federal disaster assistance may have evolved into both an oversized entitlement program...." he said. "Expectations of when the federal government should be involved and the degree of involvement may have ballooned beyond what is an appropriate level." '

BushCo sure doesn't like 'entitlements'. Gods forbid that the unwashed heathen should be 'entitled' to inappropriate levels of Social Security or SSI, Medicaid, Veterans benefits, Food Stamps or State Children’s Health Insurance. Oh, and emergency management......

Culture of judgement and punishment.


Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

If Bush doesn't like entitlements how come the corporations and the ultra-rich get so many?

10:51 PM  

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