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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Now how exactly does this work?

from Voice of America News via Raw Story:
'In another development here in Texas, the Mexican army is crossing the border to bring help to New Orleans and its stranded citizens. This is the first time Mexican military troops have crossed into Texas since 1846, during the war between the United States and Mexico that resulted in Mexico losing the vast area now known as the American southwest. The Mexican soldiers will not be armed and the 35 trucks in the convoy will be loaded with blankets, water, food and mobile kitchens.

Mexican President Vicente Fox brushed aside complaints from some opponents who said he should have sought Congressional approval for the operation, saying that no such approval is needed for a humanitarian mission.'

I don't understand. How is it that aide from American cities and organizations is turned away, but the Mexican ARMY can march right in on a humanitarian mission???


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