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Friday, October 07, 2005

There Is No God

.....And You Know It. by Sam Harris
from the Huffington Post.

But there IS you and me, and I have a lot more faith in us, anyway.


Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

"That so much of this suffering can be directly attributed to religion -- to religious hatreds, religious wars, religious delusions, and religious diversions of scarce resources --"

How true that statement is. Look at how many wars down through the centuries have been because of one "religion" against another, just as the war we are involved in right now.
Bush made this war a religious war when he brought "God" into it.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

I am so happy that I have the parents that I do b/c they have always been so damn cool when it came to religion with us girls.

My mom is Romanian Orthodox, my dad Roman Catholic. We were baptised Catholic, but I honestly went to church more often with my mom b/c my mom frankly went to church waaaay more often than my pops. And when family members tried to give my parents grief about my mom not converting when they got married, my parents shot back: "We chose to get married by a judge in a courthouse so that no one religion could claim they owned our marriage. We'll be damned if we'll let one religion start doing it now."
My parents are soooo smart... I love them so much.

They raised us girls to love God, but to never think our religion was better than or superior to anyone else's religion or to someone who chose not to believe.
My dad said if the priests or nuns ever tried to encourage me to hate another religion or put someone else's beliefs down, that all I had to was open a histroy book and look at all the blood the Catholic church had on its hands to put that pompousness in check.
My old man is sooo smart... I love him so much.

And you're so correct Via... we do have each other and again and again when Jesus is asked what are God's greatest commandments for us on Earth, Jesus repeatedly answers: To love God with all your heart, and to love one another as you would love yourself.
So even if someone doesn't believe in the Christian God, or any god, I personally think that loving one another and being good to each other actually is doing God's work and pleasing to God, and counts for a whole lot.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Maria M. said...

If there is such a "god", then explain to me why so many innocence and good children die every year - painfully and meaninglessly. Explain to me why the rapists, murderers and thieves are not dying of these diseases? And when you explain this to me, dig deep in your soul - your heart - and forget the cult teachings. Remember - if you didnt hear it with your own ears and see it with your own eyes, you are relying on someone else's version, perception or simple tale.... Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful book - but do playing cards really talk?

7:08 PM  
Blogger SheaNC said...

I think the old "Do Unto Others..." philosophy works. Except when the other person is psychotic. But hey, what're the odds?

11:42 PM  

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