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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The tipping point

Cheney's Halliburton options, Frist's stock earnings, Libby, Rove, DeLay, Katrina.........theIpsos poll, commissioned by, indicates that 50% of Americans think Congress should consider impeaching Bush if it is found that he lied about Iraq....all signs are pointing in the right direction. I think the tipping point for this presidency, however, will be the cost of home heating this winter.

From a New York Times article via Mathew Gross at Deride and Conquer: Now, people across the country, as well as state and local governments and school districts, are scrambling to respond. Some are turning away from gas and oil, buying wood stoves, wood-pellet stoves, even corn-burning stoves. Others are replacing windows, buying carpets, adding insulation. Some are rushing to invest in alternative energies like solar, geothermal or biodiesel. And many are tightening their budgets.

"We're going to rob Peter to pay Paul," said Steven Posey, 37, an executive recruiter from Glenwood, Ill. "When it comes down to it," Mr. Posey said, "we'll pay our heat, but something else is going to go unpaid."


Blogger Joe-in-Texas said...

Leave it up to the N.Y. Times to be pessimistic about a very positive trend.

Americans are moving away from mid-east petroleum and the 'Times' can't find anything good to say. Wow! How Sad !

Biofuels and Biodiesel (including Jatropha Curcas, a new oil seed source) are all mushrooming around the world while so many of you have spent the last three years moaning about Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, yada yada yada - and failed to notice.

Wake up - stop moaning and get on board. Take heart - something different and good is happening.

Check out - and get educated and be impressed . . .

Cordially, Joe-in-Texas

11:58 PM  
Blogger via said...

Joe, actually we have not failed to notice. Tulsa, for instance is home to a very promising alternate fuel process which utilizes coal, and wheatgrass offers great possibilities as a biofuel. But what we have also not failed to notice is how the Bush administration continues to cripple this country by bankrolling the oil industry and fostering our dependence on foreign oil. It has taken the lives of 2,000 American soldiers and countless Iraqi civilians in its quest to dominate the Mid-east supply of a dwindling resource. It is now using the Gulf hurricanes to tear down environmental protections against coastal drilling in the United States.

I fully agree with you that we need to take heart and support research and development of synthetic and biofuels. As the daughter of a nuclear engineer who continues to be an active consultant in Sweden and South Korea, I support the use of clean, safe nuclear energy. Thank you for the link, I will do the reading. I will also continue to work for the impeachment of George Bush, who has done immeasurable harm to America and the world.

8:23 AM  

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