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Friday, November 04, 2005

from Kos

"...cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, student loans, agriculture subsidies and child support enforcement. The House measure would allow states to impose premiums and co-payments on poor Medicaid recipients for the first time.

So, hey, it's tough times in America. To pay for Katrina, and the Iraq War, and these massive deficits, we all need to pull our weight, right? Tough economic conditions mean tough choices, we all have to accept some sacrifices.

Well, not really. Because there's a more fundamental reason for these 35 billion dollar cuts. It's because the next budget item to be taken up will be another 70 billion dollar tax cut."

Republicans really DO hate poor children. Bastards.


Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

Gotta save the rich from paying their fair share of taxes so they can keep the neo-cons in power.

I see that Landrieu(D) from LA voted for it. She was bitchin' about Bush not caring about the poor people in NOLA, and now she votes for this bill. What the fuck is wrong with her?

6:47 AM  

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