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Thursday, November 10, 2005

No wonder other countries hate us

Crooks and Liars
and gasbags. "Charles Grassley (R-IA): You know, what--what makes our economy grow is energy. And, and Americans are used to going to the gas tank (sic), and when they put that hose in their, uh, tank, and when I do it, I wanna get gas out of it. And when I turn the light switch on, I want the lights to go on, and I don't want somebody to tell me I gotta change my way of living to satisfy them. Because this is America, and this is something we've worked our way into, and the American people are entitled to it, and if we're going improve (sic) our standard of living, you have to consume more energy."

Video at C&L if you can stand to watch him.


Blogger Gary said...

I'll pass on the video. This attitude (and ineloquence) certainly doesn't help America find the love it wants. Nor do the 700+ military bases on foreign soil, the my-way-or-the-highway trade policies or the you're with us or against us foreign policy. The nasty war based on lies and utlizing torture ain't helping either.

Keep bloggin!

8:26 PM  

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