This is George Bush’s accountability moment. That’s why I’m here. The mainstream media aren’t holding him accountable. Neither is Congress. So I’m not leaving Crawford until he’s held accountable. - Cindy Sheehan

There are things worth fighting for. And there are even some worth dying for. But Iraq is not one of them. - James Moore

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Friday, March 03, 2006

'Bout Time

"The White House has been taking it on the chin lately, and the reverberations are being felt throughout the GOP," Republican blogger Bobby Eberle wrote this week. "From the Harriet Miers nomination to the Dubai Ports and more, the folks in charge of message strategy appear to be asleep at the wheel."

Nope, they are just doing the same old same old, the folks in charge of the MSM and the Republicans are just waking up. 'bout time.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cheney, Rove, Bolton and Hadley all involved in Wilson smear, emails reveal.

Via Truthout

No wonder Cheney is thinking of resigning. Surely Fitz will charge him after this...........